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Eating cannabis instead of smoking it offers several advantages, most importantly by avoiding respiratory damage from chemical byproducts. Carcinogens and tars in the lungs are avoided for the most part by ingestion. Also, eating cannabis can result in a very different experience. Food infused with cannabis usually offers an extended, more powerful and tangible high than common smoke inhalation. However, while food consumption will transmit cannabis into your bloodstream, more cannabis is required in order to give the same effect as traditional methods.

When smoking cannabis, THC makes direct contact to alveoli in your lungs, which directly blocks dopamine and therefore is more effective at delivering THC to your neurons. Eating cannabis puts THC into the bloodstream via digestion, which is a slower process and therefore releases THC over a longer span of time. A high from smoking will last a couple of hours while a high from eating can last up to eight hours.

For medical purposes, eating cannabis is safer and healthier THC ingestion alternative. The flexibility of the cannabis plant is what makes these ingestion options possible.

The Crop Car always adheres to the most stringent regulations in food safety and have a full-time certified Food Safety Manager on staff to ensure requirements are met.

Secondary effects of Cannabis
Some harmful side effects from cannabis consumption can occur unless you consume it carefully.
These may include:

  • Nausea from standing due to lowered blood pressure.
  • Higher heart rate / blood pressure can occur for those with certain heart conditions or anxiety.
  • Less coordination and lower awareness.
  • Nausea from standing due to lowered blood pressure.
  • Temporary short term memory loss.

Although withdrawal syndrome is not common, when medication is stopped, symptom relief will also cease. Please note that each person may react differently to cannabis.
Best practices with Cannabis

  • Never drive or use machinery when under the influence of cannabis, especially indicas.
  • Do not mix Cannabis with alcohol as it may result in vomiting and dizziness.
  • Only use cannabis under medical supervision if used with digitalis or other cardiac medications.
  • Take special care when smoking cannabis to avoid respiratory irritation.
  • Avoid sharing an inhalation device as lips can transmit diseases on contact.
  • Clean your device of any mold or fungi.
  • Select organic cannabis if your immune system is know to be weak.

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